Many people feel diet soda is a much better choice than regular soda but is that true? They are led astray when they read that diet sodas have zero calories, fat, sugar and carbs. We are here to remind you labels don’t tell the full story of what’s truly in a product. You on one hand lower calories but on the other hand you are consuming a bunch of chemical processes.

How do they get diet soda to zero calories? Instead of using sugar, manufactures use artificial sweeteners such as stevia, sucralose, erythritol and acesulfame potassium.

By avoiding sugar, diet soda avoids all of those calories and carbs that come with it.

Why is this terrible?

1. It messes up your taste buds. Artificial sweeteners are significantly stronger than regular sugar. Therefore, naturally sweet foods, such as fruit, wont taste as sweet or will begin to loose their appeal. If you constantly are drinking diet-carbonated drinks, your taste buds tend to desire even more highly processed and sugary foods.

2. Research shows there is a link between artificial sweeteners and depression, headaches, cancer, heart conditions such as heart attack and high blood pressure, metabolic issues such as diabetes and obesity, brain conditions such as dementia and stroke, and liver problems as well.

3. Artificial sweeteners confuse your brain. The sweet taste of diet soda triggers your brain to expect incoming calories. When it doesn't actually get those calories, your body gets confused. Over time, this behavior could wreak havoc on how your body releases insulin, the hormone that helps turn sugar into energy. If your body has adapted to artificial sweetener consumption, it might not release the proper levels of insulin when you consume actual sugar. This can lead to sugar remaining in the blood stream, which can cause things like diabetes and hyperglycemia.

4. Artificial sweeteners cause intense cravings that can lead to weight gain. Since the body and brain aren't actually getting calories or carbs from these drinks, we might get signals for strong processed snacks after consuming artificial sweeteners.


Understand why you crave certain drinks and understand you may be in big need of a detox. Wean yourself off of all carbonated drinks and opt for water, tea, and freshly squeezed juices. Don’t feed your body empty harmful liquid calories.

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